Author: Robert Simon

Robert Simon

Robert Simon lives in North Georgia and serves as a faculty member at Kennesaw State University. His poetic works encompass six collections published on three continents as well as various individual poems composed in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. These poems elaborate on the themes of love, travel, and self-imposed barriers to interpersonal relationships and communication.


by Robert Simon

In the bath
As I run my hand
Up and down my chest,
Listening to the hummingbirds
Sing in unison in my head

In the bath
The blue-green tinted water
Roaming up and down my chest,
Slanted light fades from my eyes
As they close and I close and return.

In the bath
It occurs to me
That Collins’ book
Has nothing to do with horses,
Nor do I, quite frankly, with hummingbirds.

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