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J.M. Hall

J.M. Hall is a visiting lecturer in philosophy at Muskingum University. Since earning his Ph.D. in 2012 from Vanderbilt University, he has secured a book contract as co-editor for Philosophy Imprisoned, an anthology on philosophy classes in prison. He has also published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles.

His non-academic work includes a chapbook collection entitled “Bachata Adobe” published by RedOchreLiT, and fifty individual poems, some of which appear in Xavier Review, Euphony and Mobius. He also has twenty years’ experience as a dancer, instructor and choreographer.

not(Love-Song) No. Q

by Joshua Hall

[I] gesticulate
[for] you wild
sideways even

please don’t beat
me with a
baseball bat

or leave his galoshes
on the front porch
to collect the diagonal
falling snow
and hailstones1

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