Author: Jon Elliott

Jon Elliott

acrylic on canvas, 2014
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Jon Elliott


If we turn our search for reality and truth in on ourselves, we may find only a stream of consciousness, a collage of impressions tinted by emotional states, a pattern that forms tightly in places and disintegrates in others. The pattern of our selves forms throughout our lives. Some are sparse and torn, others tight and crystalline. Most are both in places. Metaphors that inform my project: Life = pattern. Consciousness = pattern. Memory and belief systems = pattern. Change = the ever growing competition among patterns. I make paintings that are inspired by these interests. The idea of the known world, including my own life, consisting of an immense, humming pattern of individual elements, all with their own qualities, is a visual evocative idea that gives me ideas for paintings and other related projects.

Jon Elliott (b. 1974) is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. He studied Drawing/Painting at Georgia State University in Atlanta, receiving a BFA degree in 1999 and followed that up with an MFA in Painting/Printmaking from RISD in 2001. Since moving to NY in 2001, Jon has been included in a myriad of group shows and has had several solo shows displaying works in a variety of mediums, but focused mainly on painting.

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