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Author: Charles Nutter Peck

Charles Nutter Peck

Charles Nutter Peck is from Omaha, Nebraska. He enjoys cheap bourbon and a good nap.

New Year

by Charles Nutter Peck

I invent a year with eleven months
so May is forgotten. In my year,
there is no phone call about Sam,
the boy who fucks you two
blocks away while I am frying
a pan of old photographs.
They glass like onions in oil
and I am left with the traces.
When I invent my year, I win
the Nobel Prize, and in the speech
I give, I can’t help but mention
how when my doorbell rang at three
in the morning and you stood before me
soaking wet, I thought only of the struggle
of pulling the tights from your legs,
and how we forgave each other six times
before the sun came. You are out
in the audience, blushing, as I ramble wildly
about the need to erase our blemishes
before I halt, mid-thought,
and wonder what we would have left.

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