A dark, insider account of the orgiastic love rites and mind-boggling narcissism of the early-1970s, this book exposes the antics of SoCal partiers who will risk anything – jobs, friends, loves, life itself – for the boost of a greater high. Thinly veiled behind anthropomorphized seagulls, Bach discusses his own empty devotion to a stream of sexual partners that led him into the ultimate abyss of heroin addiction.  Disappointed by the fleshy pleasures of free-loving Malibu, his thrill-seeking gulls realize that their true transcendence lies not with the status-conscious flock, but in inflicting ever greater levels of toxic utopia on fragile bodies. In his irresponsible umwelt, the birds are perfectly willing to dive into death for an ever better rush, knowing all the while that their addiction consummation will result in nothing more than reincarnation. If you want your teenagers to hit twenty, burn this book.